While enjoying the inspiring view of the forest slope, our spa will not only harmonize the body but also the soul. For your wellness, we offer a steam bath, sauna and massages.

Villa Santa SPA offer

We use professional products by GMT, Norden and specially selected aromatic oils.

The SPA area is closed until November 15!

From October 11, the SPA area is open to those visitors who can present a valid Covid-19 certificate or confirmation of a negative Covid-19 test.


Relaxation in the SPA area with a visit to the baths (sauna, steam bath). Wonderful view of the pine tops and Gaujaskalns forest.

60 min 20.00 EUR per person   


  • Rejuvenating and lifting face treatment

The treatment boosts collagen production and helps restore firmness of the skin. Supports natural protection of the skin. The treatment includes cleansing, peeling, face and cleavage area massage, plasticizing mask and cream to conclude the treatment.

60 min 65.00 EUR

  • Moisturising face treatment

The treatment deep moisturises dehydrated skin. Instant radiance effect. The treatment includes cleansing, peeling, face and cleavage area massage, moisturizing mask and cream to conclude the treatment.

60 min 60.00 EUR

We offer quick facial treatments that you can choose together to any body treatment:

  • Facial express procedure "Freshness and moisturizing"

The procedure includes facial cleansing, peeling, light massage, toning and application of cream at the end of the procedure.

30 min 30.00 EUR

  • Facial express procedure "Renewal and lifting"

The procedure includes facial cleansing, peeling, GMT modeling lifting mask (light head massage during the mask), toning and application of cream at the end of the procedure.

30 min 35.00 EUR


  • General body massage with aromatic oil of your choice

Aromatic oils help restore balance not only on physical, by also on mental and emotional levels. It can improve the state of your body and soul – invigorate, calm, relax muscles and let you enjoy the moment...

60 min 70.00 EUR/ 90 min 95.00 EUR

  • Massage for expecting women

The massage helps reduce hand and feet swelling, stimulates circulation and venous outflow. Calms down the thoughts and improves mood. The products used in the treatment are designed specifically for expecting women. Especially delicate hand, cleavage area and shoulder massage improves skin elasticity.

60 min 70.00 EUR


  • Caring body treatment with salt scrub

Sea salt is a natural exfoliant and excellent for body peeling. The salt peeling removes dead cells in the top layer of the skin and boosts metabolic processes thus helping get rid of excessive liquid and improving lymphatic drainage and skin elasticity.

The treatment includes salt scrub and relaxing body massage with aromatic oil of your choice.

90 min 95.00 EUR

  • Deep cleansing and rejuvenating treatment with seaweed

Seaweed is a very special plant. It can adapt to the most extreme conditions and its life force can be used to restore skin cells. Seaweed has unique compatibility with skin, as its composition is very close to human blood plasma. The treatment helps remove toxins, reduce swelling and cellulitis and restore body contour.

The treatment includes body peeling, seaweed body wrap and body massage with cinnamon-ginger oil that boosts the effect of seaweed. Light head massage during the seaweed wrap treatment.

90 min 95.00 EUR

SPA RITUALS (for 2 persons)

  • Rose ritual

A tender touch of rose’s beauty and aroma will put you in a special weekend mood.

Our rose treatment refreshes the skin and gives it lovely fragrance, cares for mature skin stimulating rejuvenation processes, improving circulation and ensuring optimum moisture balance. A regenerative and invigorating procedure that creates an airy feeling while providing intensive care and nourishment to the skin.

* aromatic relaxing body massage with warm rose massage butter

* warm milk foot bath with roses

Ritual duration 1 h 15 min

Price for 2 persons 140.00 EUR

  • Lavender ritual

Lavender is one of the oldest beauty, aromatherapy and healing plants that has been used for thousands of years.

Lavender has antiseptic properties that allow healing wounds, burns and rash. That is why the treatment will be especially relaxing and help reduce depression and anxiety. Lavender eases muscle pain and relaxes tense muscle groups. 

* lavender body peeling

* massage with calming lavender oil

Ritual duration 1 h 30 min

Price for 2 persons 190.00 EUR

  • Linden blossom ritual

Linden blossom aroma lifts spirits, calms and heals just like the warmth of the summer sun. The treatment filled with the honeysweet smell and serenity will restore body harmony and wellness. 

With linden blossom peeling and aromatic relaxing massage with linden blossom mask your skin will be filled with vitamins making it younger and firmer. Linden blossom contains essential oils that have relaxing and restoring effect.

* warm sauna to warm up your body before the treatment

* delicate linden blossom body peeling

* relaxing body massage with linden blossom mask

Ritual duration 1 h 30 min

Price for 2 persons 195.00 EUR

  • Cranberry ritual

A touch of red berries will make the time stop and enjoy their aroma!

Cranberries have antiseptic, healing and toning effect. The power of the berries cleanses and strengthens the body. Since cranberries are an excellent antioxidant with abundance of vitamin C, they help skin remain firm and youthful.

* sauna to warm up and prepare before the treatment

* cranberry sugar body scrub

* aromatic relaxing massage with cranberry body lotion

Ritual duration 1 h 30 min

Price for 2 persons 195.00 EUR

  • Rowanberry ritual

Since ancient times rowanberries have been known for their energy and vitamins. Golden red berries filled with vitamins help calm the mind and strengthen the spirit. Oils and extract let the skin sparkle as if after drops of refreshing summer rain highlighting everyone’s unique beauty.

* calming massage with rowan berry oil

* rowanberry body wrap

* during wrapping light face and head massage

Ritual duration 1 h 30 min

Price for 2 persons 190.00 EUR

  • Sensual ritual

An especially pleasant treatment for both ladies and gentlemen that will make you feel rested and relaxed.

* face treatment for ladies

delicate face peeling

face massage

rejuvenating face mask

* aromatherapy massage for gentlemen with aroma of your choice

Ritual duration 1 h

Price for 2 persons 130.00 EUR

  • Blackcurrant ritual

Blackcurrants contain A, B and C group vitamins and a lot of trace elements, such as potassium, magnesium, iron, phosphorus and zinc, which are essential for body’s health and beauty. Its extract is filled with antioxidants, which slow down ageing processes and play an important role in skin care. Blackcurrant peeling will cleanse the skin making it softer while our blackcurrant massage oil will nourish it.

* warm sauna to warm up your body before the treatment

* cleansing blackcurrant body peeling

* body massage with aromatic blackcurrant massage oil

Ritual duration 1 h 30 min

Price for 2 persons 195.00 EUR

  • Warming SPA treatment offer for autumn/winter season

(linen blossomm, black currant, rowanberry, lavender or cranberry of your choice)

A ritual lasting two hours: a sauna for warming the body, relaxing, preparing for procedures; body peeling and massage; facial cleansing, light massage and moisturizing mask - especially important to pamper the skin during the heating season, when the air becomes much drier. During the effect of the mask - a light, relaxing head massage. At the end of the procedure - a warm milk bath for the feet, enjoying a relaxing view of the SPA lounge.

Ritual duration  2h

Price for 2 persons 250 .00 EUR

Information for booking SPA treatments

  • Cancellations:
    If you want to change or cancel your booking, please let us know at least 5 hours in advance. If you do it later, we reserve the right to keep 50% of the price of the booked treatment.
  • We recommend booking SPA treatments in advance before your visit.
  • Treatments from 1.5 h on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays can be booked simultaneously.
  • Please arrive for your treatment on time, to change in time and prepare for it. Otherwise, our specialists will have the right to shorten the duration of your treatment. We appreciate your understanding.
  • Please consider your health before choosing a treatment and inform our specialist if specific nuances need to be followed.