Conferences, weddings and events


BRIDGE HOUSE – unique example of architecture – a banquet hall across the ravine and a watercourse. The bridge house can hold up to 150 guests. The hall has special acoustics, thus providing opportunities to organize concerts and banquets.


It is possible to celebrate the most important event of the life in the historical apple garden or in a restored wooden arbour, and the celebration can be continued in the banquet hall. You can also use only one of the sites that we offer. We offer various options for setting and serving tables.


It could definitely be more productive to deal with work-related issues or to learn new things in a new, inspiring place. We offer to do that in excellent, comfortable conditions, almost in wilderness. All the necessary conference facilities are available.


You have a unique possibility to have your special event in a place like no other in Latvia. In the nightlife, the lights that illuminate the BRIDGE HOUSE make it look incredibly gorgeous, but the sunset over the Gauja River is unforgettably romantic on the summer evenings.